Zombie Take Over (Tag/Dodgeball Gym Game)

In my subbing journeys I have substituted for a lot of gym classes. I found that a lot of the times they are playing games that I have forgotten or just never learned along the way. Today was one of those days. Luckily, I was subbing for a fantastic teacher who told me that I could play a different game if I so choose. Usually I love to make up games, but 9 times out of 10 they FAIL. This one that I made up today, though, went so smooth I thought I was dreaming! It became a game that combined an all to popular theme (Zombies) with tag and dodgeball. The buy in rate was HUGE with EVERY KID playing! Best of all, they were also always on the move! SO this is my game of Zombies Take Over.

Gym Supplies

  • 3-6 hola hoops
  • Dodgeballs (less then the amount of kids)
  • Pinnies (enough for every kid) with at least 2 of a different colour

To Play

  1. Have all students go to the middle. Secretly pick one to two “Original Zombies”. These zombies will remain unknown until their first tag.
  2. As humans get tagged, have them come to you to grab pinnies
  3. Humans can defend them selves by using dodgeballs. If they hit a zombie, the zombie is “stunned” for 10-15 seconds and can not tag anyone.
  4. Humans can also run to hula hoops, which are called “safe zones”. While in a “safe zone” they can not be tagged. Only one human is allowed in a “safe zone” at a time and can only be in there for 5 seconds, While they are in a safe zone you can make them do jumping jacks or some activity to keep active.
  5. Continue going until only one lone human remains. Then reset and play again!
  6. If you want to throw them in a loop, add two pinnies of a different colour. Announce that zombies with this colour can go into safe zones or are immune to balls. 

It is super simple and the kids LOVED it! I did it with grade fives, but as zombies are the in thing right now I’m sure all grades will love it!

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